African copaiba, the botanical source of which is not known, is imported from the Niger basin in West Africa. It is a rathei dark yellow, slightly fluorescent oleo-resin possessing an aromatic, piperaceous odour and frequently depositing crystals on standing. The specific gravity varies from 0.985 to 1.000. It contains about 40 per cent, of volatile oil and 60 per cent, of resin (including the crystalline substance).


The oil boils at 260° to 275° and differs essentially from the oil of South American copaiba in being dextrorotatory, the rotation in 100 mm. tube being about 10° 21'.

The crystalline deposit consists of illurinic acid identical with that obtained from Maracaibo copaiba. The remainder of the resin consists of amorphous resin-acids, fluorescent substance, etc.