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The soft fat expressed from the seeds of Taraktogenos Kurzii, King (N.O. Bixineoe), Burma. It was formerly supposed to be derived from the seeds of Gynocardia odorata, Robert Brown, which closely resemble those of T. Kurzii.


The seeds are brownish-yellow. The oil is a soft fat at ordinary temperatures, melting to a brownish oil in warm weather, with a characteristic odour and acrid taste. Melting-point 22° to 30°. Specific gravity at 45° about 0.940; saponification value 198 to 213; iodine value 96 to 104; acid value 21 to 27; partially soluble in cold alcohol, almost entirely in hot. Contains palmitic acid, chaulmoogric acid (crystalline, C18H3202, melting-point 68°), and also higher homologues of chaulmoogric acid, but the composition of the fat has not yet been satisfactorily elucidated.


Used for leprosy, psoriasis and rheumatism, both externally and internally.