Source, Etc

The oil expressed from the seeds of Croton Tiglium, Linne (N.O. Euphorbiaceoe). See p. 184.

Description, Etc

A brownish yellow to dark reddish brown, viscous, slightly fluorescent oil with a disagreeable odour and intensely acrid taste, blistering the skin and mucous membrane. Specific gravity 0.940 to 0.960; iodine value 102 to 106; miscible with half its volume of absolute alcohol; thickens slightly but does not solidify, either partially or completely when shaken with half its volume of fuming nitric acid and the same proportion of water. It consists of the glycerides of stearic, palmistic, myristic, lauric, valerianic, tiglic and other acids and contains the acrid principle croton-resin.


An extremely powerful cathartic, counter-irritant and vesicant.