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Datura seeds are the dried seeds of Datura fastuosa, Linne, var. alba, Nees (N.O. Solanaceoe), an annual plant indigenous to India.


The seeds are yellowish brown in colour, ear-shaped, 4 to 5 mm. broad, about 1 mm. thick, flattened, finely pitted and reticulated; they are thickened towards the curved margin which is wavy, the edge exhibiting a triple ridge; the hilum is large and conspicuous, extending from about the middle to the acute end of the seed; the endosperm is narrow and translucent and encloses a curved embryo; they.have a bitter taste but no odour.


The chief constituent of the seeds is the alkaloid scopolamine (hyoscine) of which they contain about 0.2 per cent., but traces of hyoscyamine and atropine are also present; they also contain resin and fixed oil.


Used in India as an equivalent of stramonium seed.