This variety, which is not official, is produced in Sumatra, it is said from S. Benzoin. It is commonly imported in tins, four of which are packed in a wooden case. It differs markedly in appearance from both Siam and Sumatra benzoins, consisting principally of a translucent, greyish-brown or reddish resinous mass in which a few scattered, opaque, white tears are embedded. It breaks with an irregular fracture, the fractured surface being uneven and often exhibiting small cavities. The odour, which is not strong, recalls that of Sumatra benzoin. Its constituents have not yet been accurately investigated; it appears to contain benzoic but no cinnamic acid. It is not official, and is used only for the preparation of benzoic acid.


Benzoin taken internally acts as a carminative expectorant and diuretic; externally it is stimulant and antiseptic.