Jequirity Seeds. (Prayer beads) - The seeds of Abrus precatorius, Linne (N.O. Leguminiosoe), a common Indian and Brazilian shrub. The seeds are sharply characterised by their smooth, glossy surface and bright scarlet colour with a black patch at the hilum; ovoid or subglobular, 5 to 8 mm. long, 4 to 5 mm. broad. They contain a substance known as abrin which is a mixture of two toxic proteins, a paraglobulin which loses its activity at 75° to 80° and a phytalbumose which is destroyed at 85°. The action of abrin resembles that of snake venom. An infusion of the seeds has been applied to the eyes for opacities of the cornea but is dangerous; a paste of the seeds has been used for lupus.

Abrus root (Indian liquorice) contains a sweet substance resembling but not identical with glycyrrhizin, but it possesses toxic properties.