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Indian squill is obtained from Urginea indica, Kunth, a plant resembling European squill but producing a smaller, tunicated bulb; it is found in sandy soil near the sea throughout India. The bulbs are collected soon after the plants have flowered, divested of their dry, outer, membranous coats, cut into slices and dried.


The drug occurs in curved or sickle-shaped strips, either separated or connected, several together, to a portion of the shortened axis; usually 1 to 5 cm. long and 5 to 10 mm. wide; yellowish white, fleshy, often longitudinally ribbed; tough when slightly moist but brittle and pulverisable when dry; taste bitter and acrid.


Indian squill has not yet been thoroughly examined; in all probability the chief constituents are similar to those of Urginea Scilia.


Used in India and the Eastern Colonies in the place of European squill.