Liquid preparations in which oleaginous substances are suspended in a minutely divided state, by the aid of gummy or viscid substances, in water. Four official.

Elixirs are aromatic sweetened vehicles containing alcohol, syrup, and water, with various drugs. They are very popular in the United States and are typical of the American method of exhibiting drugs. Two official.


Made by boiling the drug in water. A method used for hard fibrous or wood plants. They are made in a strength of 5% unless otherwise directed. None official.


Made by treating a vegetable drug with either hot or cold water without boiling. Two official. The strength is the same as that of decoctions.


Preparations of non-volatile drugs dissolved in water. Twenty-five official.


Solutions of volatile principles dissolved in water. Eighteen official.


In the Eighth Decennial Revision of the Pharmacopoeia, the proportion of drug to the finished tincture had been made to conform to the standard adopted at the International Conference, Brussels, 1902, either ten or twenty per cent. by volume. There are, however, exceptions to this general rule. There are fifty-four official tinctures.


Concentrated tinctures or alcoholic extracts of definite strength. One mil of a fluid-extract represents 1 gramme of the drug; or, 1 minim represents 1 grain, approximately. Forty-nine official.


Solutions of volatile substances in alcohol. Fifteen official.


Preparations made with a basis of wine. None official.


Watery preparations holding an insoluble substance, finely subdivided, in suspension. There are two official mixtures.


Preparations made with dilute acetic acid. One official.


Preparations made with oleic acid. One official.


Preparations containing a mixture of natural oils and resins extracted from vegetable substances by the action of acetone. They are the most concentrated of liquid preparations. Six official.


Preparations made with a basis of glycerin. Five official.


Preparations made with sugar and water, sometimes containing alcohol. Simple syrup is sugar and water. Twenty-two official.


Preparations of soluble gummy substances dissolved in water. They spoil very quickly. Two official.


Preparations for external application with friction. They have an oily or soapy character. Eight official.