Semi-solid or solid preparations, made by evaporation of a solution of the soluble substances of drugs. Twenty- five official..


Peculiar substances soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water. It is the resinous constituent which causes the thick precipitate seen when resinous tinctures are diluted with water. Such preparations are better diluted with weak wine. Four official.


Preparations made for inunction with white wax. They differ from ointments in that they contain a large portion of wax and do not liquefy at the body temperature. They are intended for dressings. Three official.


Medicinal substances prepared with a mass of sugar and honey None official.


Seven official. Need no general description.


Seven official. Need no general description.


Papers impregnated with medicinal substances. One official, which is for vesication. The word "charta" also means the small papers in which powders are done up, or, by inference, the powder itself.


Preparations with a basis of vaseline, fixed oils, or lard, to be used by inunction. Twenty official.


Medicinal substances mixed with lead plaster, wax, resin or gum resin, and spread upon coarse muslin or white leather, and adherent at the body temperature to the skin. Seven official.


There are five official. Troches are medicated lozenges.


Slender cone-shaped appliances for insertion into the rectum, urethra, or vagina. The basis is usually cocoa butter. They should be protected against heat and moisture.