Tablets are compressed drugs which are first granulated, then moistened with alcohol, and rubbed dry through a sieve to prevent sticking to the dies of the machine. They are prepared in a strictly aseptic way and are in much demand because convenient in form and easily soluble.

Collapsubes are collapsible tubes containing ointments, creams, or lubricants, used with proper attachments to apply substance to the urethra, uterus, rectum, and in ophthalmic surgery.

Solubes are substances put up in soluble coverings for local application as lotions.

Sterules are glass capsules of sterile solutions for ophthalmic and general use. The ends are snipped off at the file marks 1/4 in. from each end and the fluid is allowed to flow into the part to be treated.

Vescettes are effervescent salts compressed, and are to be used by dissolving in water.

Cachets consist of little hollowed discs of wafer-sheet, so constructed that two can be fastened together by their concave surfaces, enclosing a powder. The cachet is dipped for an instant in water, when it softens, and is placed upon the tongue and carried down by a mouthful of water. Large doses of drugs in the form of powders may be given in this way.

Lamelloe are small gelatin discs containing drugs to be inserted between the lower lid and the eyeball.