The U. S. P. gives a long list of volatile and aromatic or fixed oils of vegetable origin; among them are: Oil of Anise, Oleum Anisi; Oil of Orange, Oleum Aur-antii; Oil of Caraway, Oleum Cari; Oil of American Wormseed, Oleum Chenopodii; Oil of Coriander, Oleum Coriandri; Oil of Fennel, Oleum Foeniculi; Oil of Lemon, Oleum Limonis; Oil of Nutmeg, Oleum Myris-ticae; Oil of Allspice or Pimenta, Oleum Pimentae; Oil of Rosemary, Oleum Rosmarini; and Oil of Sassafras, Oleum Sassafras. All these mentioned are given in an average dose of m iii.-0.2 mil, showing their potent and concentrated qualities.