Prep. (By adding to every five pints of rectified spirit, three pints of distilled water, at a temperature of 60° Fah.) It contains 49 per cent. of alcohol. Sp. gr. 0.920.

Use. Rectified Spirit is employed in pharmacy in making many tinctures and spirits, when the substances contain a large amount of resin or volatile oil. Proof spirit is used when the drugs are not very rich in such principles.

Therapeutics. Externally it is employed in the form of a lotion. [The U. S. P. contains Alcohol. Spirit of the sp. gr. of 0.835. Alcohol Dilutum. Diluted Alcohol. Alcohol mixed with an equal measure of Distilled Water. Sp. gr. 0.941. Alcohol Fortius - Stronger Alcohol. Spirit sp. gr. 0.817.]