(Take of solution of soda, a sufficiency; distilled water, a sufficiency.) Fill the volumetric tube to 0 with the solution of soda, and drop this into sixty-three grains of purified oxalic acid dissolved in two fluid ounces of the water, until the acid is exactly saturated, as indicated by litmus. Note the number of measures (n) of the solution used, and having then taken forty fluid ounces of the solution of soda, augment this quantity by the addition of distilled water, until it becomes 4000/N fluid ounces. If, for example, N=93, the forty ounces of solution of soda should be diluted so as to become 4000/93 =43.01.

The quantity of this solution which fills the volumetric tube to 0, includes thirty-one grains of soda, and will therefore neutralize an equivalent in grains of any monobasic acid.