This plant is peculiar to low marshy ground, and has received a variety of names, such as chocolate root, water avens, throat root, purple avens, etc.

The root is a pleasant, mild, soothing, tonic astringent. It is not drying, but soothing to the mucous membrane.

It is useful to mild, acute and chronic cases of diarrhoea and dysentery. In leucorrhoea and gleet it may be used with good effect both locally and constitutionally. Locally it is a good wash for some irritated forms of sore mouth.

This remedy is not the best where there is a tendency to constipation. Geum displays its influence to best advantage as a tonic astringent. It is one of the best agents to be used in cases of cholera infantum. It improves digestion and assists assimilation. Dose of the tincture from 15 to 30 minims.