This is the common trailing plant generally known as goose grass or bed-straw. It grows wild in fields near the woods and is very abundant. Medically, the green herb may be used as well as the dried; and if combined with marsh mallows will prove a most soothing agent in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urinary passages. Galium is best used in the form of a cold infusion and may be taken frequently. During the latter stages of scarlet fever, when there is a tendency to irritable conditions of the kidneys, Cleavers will prove a very acceptable and beneficial drink. For children, and adults as well, who suffer from scalding urine, it is invaluable. In the inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea it relieves the irritation and soothes the nervous system.

In hot infusion this is a diaphoretic and may be used to good advantage in fevers where there is a necessity to favor a good, free outward circulation and it relieves the nervous system. The dose of the tincture, taken in hot or cold water, as indicated, is from one-half to one drachm.

Black Birch Bark. - Betula Lenta. (Dr. Thomson.) A tea made of this bark is useful in curing all complaints of the bowels and to remove obstructions. It is also of use in dysentery. This tea, with peach meats or cherry-stone meats, made into a syrup, is an excellent article to restore patients after having been reduced by that disease, and to promote the digestion. It is good for canker and all complaints of the bowels.

The leaves can also be used as medicine and are more diuretic and are very soothing to the entire urinary apparata in cases of renal and cystic irritation or inflammation. The dose of the tincture is from 15 to 45 minims. Can be taken in hot or cold water. In hot water it acts the same as an infusion and is a diaphoretic.