Take Poplar Bark and bark of the root of Bay-berry, one pound each, and boil them in two gallons of water; strain off and add seven pounds of good sugar; then scald and skim it, and add half a pound of peach meats, or the same quantity of cherry-stone meats, pounded fine. When cool add a gallon of good brandy, and keep in bottles for use. Take half a wineglassful two or three times a day.

Any other quantity may be prepared, by observing the same proportion of the different articles.

This syrup is very good to strengthen the stomach and bowels, and to restore weak patients, and is particularly useful in the dysentery, which leaves the stomach and bowels in a sore state. In a relax or the first stage of the dysentery, by using a tea of No. 3 freely and giving this syrup, it will generally cure it, and will also prevent those exposed from taking the disease.