Olive Oil is such a wonderful thing for those who are looking for health. No home should be without it. Nearly everyone can be benefited by taking two or three teaspoonfuls a day.

The Physio-Medical practitioner cannot practice successfully without this because he needs it everyday for such patients as will not eat food that contains the necessary oil or fat and certainly the majority of his patients are such as are weak, consumptive, no strength, run-down physically, etc., and each one of these needs a fat or oil. Cod Liver Oil is no good; it is not assimilated. Products from animals arc not to be recommended. Olive Oil is the only true medicine and builder. It is natural, and is the only oil or fat, outside of that which is contained in nuts and cream, that is of any value. When I say that animal products are not to be recommended, I do not mean to infer that such products as eggs, milk, cream, butter, etc., are of no value, for they are and I have found that butter and cream are only second to the pure olive oil. What I condemn are such products as bottled beaf tea, ox blood, etc. These are of no value and are very often very bad for the system.

For uterine troubles a douche of warm water and olive oil is very beneficial, one or two tablespoonfuls to a quart of water.

If you have an earache, drop a few drops of warm olive oil in the ear - use a dropper - and massage the parts right well for a few minutes. If you are troubled with catarrh and the nose gets sore, drop some warm olive oil in the nostrils.

If the skin is not as soft and as lovely as it should or could be, rub some olive oil into it after each bath and massage the parts thoroughly.

If the bowels are sore, or if an enema is required, take a quart of warm water and add a tablespoonful of olive oil and it will move the bowels easily and is healing.. In preparing vegetables as a salad, always add a little olive oil. Such vegetables as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, asparagus, cooked vegetables, such as beans, peas, beets, carrots, etc., should be prepared with some olive oil and instead of using vinegar, use lemon juice. Vinegar is not healthy, while the juice of lemons is one of the healthiest things that can be used and the flavor is by far superior to that of vinegar. The physician should not only give medicine to his patients but instruct them how to live as well. Vinegar and black pepper are two things that I try and get my patients away from as is also the poison, hogs' lard.

The body must have a certain amount of oil each day and there is nothing better than to get the patients to use olive oil, butter, cream and nuts. Few people take the necessary amount of fats, and if they do, it is usually in the form of lard, something that is really a poison and is identical with scrofula. If the necessary amount of fat is not taken, the body becomes stiff and ages much too fast. Stay young by following nature's course.

The oil is best taken, and will give the best service, just before the meal and some take it during the meal. In many diseases it acts as a medicine, especially in rheumatism, diabetes, intestinal and lung troubles and many others.

Appendicitis is purely an inflammation of the bowels. If this oil were taken regularly and the bowels kept in a good condition, there would be no need to fear this trouble.

Pregnant women should take at least a table-spoonful of the oil each day, as it will give them strength and help to bring forth a healthy child, especially is that necessary if the coming mother follows natural laws and does not eat meat. By doing this, she brings forth a healthy child and also prevents a painful delivery. Meat and constipation are the two main causes of painful labor.

With many people it is a hard matter to take any kind of oil. Such should take a tablespoonful of the oil and the juice of an orange and they will find it very easy to take it. There is an olive oil prepared by a French firm and imported that is not only tasteless but odorless as well. I use this in my practice.

In stiff joints, there is nothing in the world that will do as much good as the internal use of olive oil and daily rubs with same. It will work wonders in most cases.

It has been successfully used in the treatment of gall stones and there are many cases on record that it has cured of this painful trouble.

It is a superior agent to be used in all forms of poisoning from acids, and comes near to being an antidote to all forms of poisoning.

Olive oil is one of the most important things in the treatment of nearly all diseases. In fact, we know that food is necessary in all cases. Olive oil is a food and one of the best and it is therefore indicated in all cases in which it is necessary to build up the system with the food that is the easiest to digest and which yields the greatest amount of nutrition. Allentown, Pa., 1905.