Active Ingredients. - The oil of sweet fennel, constituting the active principle, is of a light straw color, and retains the odor of the fruit. In composition it corresponds with the oil of anise; it contains, moreover, a peculiar camphor-like body with a high boiling-point.

Physiological Action. - The vapor of fennel oil causes secretion of tears, and occasionally of saliva. Given in large doses to rabbits, it proves fatal, in much the same way as anise oil, but, unlike the latter, it does not escape in the urine.

Therapeutic Action. - Fennel is a useful carminative for the relief of flatulence and griping.

Preparations and Dose. - Foeniculum, gr. x. - xxx. (.65-2.);

Aqua Foeniculum,

Fennel Foeniculum Dulce 33

). - ij. (30.-60.); Ol. Foenic, m ij. - v. (.10-.25).