This formerly held a place in all the three Pharmacopoeias of Great Britain and Ireland, but has been discarded in the British. It is, therefore, no longer officinal; but merits a brief notice in consequence of its former position. It is the herb of Mentha Pulegium, a European plant, having properties analogous to the mints above described, though less agreeable as an aromatic, and much less employed. It is used considerably in England as a domestic remedy in amenorrhoea, hysteria, and hooping-cough. In this country it is unknown. All the British Colleges formerly directed the Volatile Oil (Oleum Menthae Pulegii), and Pennyroyal Water (Aqua Menthae Pulegii); the Dublin College, an Essence (Essentia Menthae Pulegii); and the London a Spirit (Spir-itus Menthae Pulegii); all of which were given for similar purposes, and in the same doses as the analogous preparations of peppermint.