Put one teaspoonful of the seed of lobelias and two of the herb; well pulverized, into a cup, add one teaspoonful of Cayenne, one of nerve powder, and a few drops of the oil of sassafras, and fill the cup with hot water. After it settles, give four teaspoonfuls of the tea once in ten minutes until the patient vomits freely; give in the mean time half a cupful of the tea from the pitcher or pennyroyal tea once in five minutes. If the patient is sick at the stomach and does not vomit, give half a cupful of the tea from the pitcher, with a little saleratus in it. After the patient has vomited once, give porridge and pennyroyal tea freely. If the quantity of lobelia mentioned above does not produce vomiting and nausea, add a teaspoonful of the seed to the sediment, fill it up with hot water, and give the tea of it at one dose. After the vomiting is over and the stomach well settled, another injection should be administered, after which the patient should be steamed a second time, and washed over with cold water, if there be sufficient heat in the system to produce a reaction. After the course is completed, he may eat a light meal, and if the weather is very mild and pleasant he can go out; if not, he should remain within doors.