In this final section of "a Guide to Health", Colby rales against one of the great evils of medicine, as viewed by the Thomsonians...medical birthing. He then presents the Thomsonian methodology for non-invasive delivery and infant care...and (in case the reader missed it the first time) rales yet again. Samuel Thomson himself felt that the over-zealous physician, faced with disease, and guilty of over-medication, could be forgiven; it was easy to view disease as an enemy to be conquered by any means, rather then the end result of disharmony. Thomson and other medical populists of the 19th century felt that Medicine's intervention into that tattered remnant of Women's Society still surviving in a patriarchal century...midwifery...could only be explained by greed. Thomson likened the presence of a physician at birth (in case of emergency) to the presence of a physician at a feast (in case a guest were to choke)...redundant and dangerous.