(Commiphora Spp.)

This gum exudes from the body of a small tree growing in Arabia Felix and Abyssinia. As the juice exudes, it hardens and adheres to the bark. There are two kinds of myrrh to be found in the market--the India and Turkey myrrh; the former imported from the East Indies, the latter from the Levant. There is a great difference in the quality of this article. The Turkey myrrh is usually the most free from impurities, and when of good quality it is reddish-yellow--of a strong, peculiar, and somewhat fragrant odor, and a bitter aromatic taste.

Properties And Uses

Myrrh is a tonic and stimulant, and possesses antiseptic properties in a high degree. It is therefore a useful article in all cases of putrescency or tendency to mortification, for chronic diarrhea, and general debility. For a dose, take half a tea-spoonful pulverized, in half a cup of warm water, sweetened, and taken before it settles. It constitutes the most essential ingredient in the Rheumatic Drops. In the form of tincture, combined with the tincture of lobelia, it is useful applied to fresh wounds, eruptions, old sores, bruises, etc.