Having mentioned the indications necessary to be accomplished in the cure of different forms of disease, we will now describe the articles calculated to answer each of these indications, and arrange them under their appropriate heads. It will not be necessary for us to describe all the remedies that might be used, but only such as are the best, and will accomplish the object in the shortest time. This course will reduce our Materia Medica to a small compass, but sufficiently extensive to answer all practical purposes. A few simple remedies, properly applied, will do all to cure disease that ever medicine was ever designed to do; air, exercise, diet, bathing, etc., must do the remainder, and they will often do more alone for the cure of disease than all other remedial agents.

The following classification of remedies has been adopted, in conformity with the theory advocated in this work. Under each head we shall mention those articles that may be used as a substitute for those we have described.