This is a protrusion of a portion of the bowels or omentum, forming a tumor or sack under the skin. It generally occurs at the groin and inner part of the thigh. When the portion of the bowels becomes confined in the sack by the contraction of the orifice, it produces alarming effects, such as vomiting, pain and stoppage in the bowels, and if relief is not soon obtained, mortification takes place. This is called strangulated hernia.


The first object to be accomplished, is to replace the protruded portion of the bowels, which may generally be done by pressure with the fingers, the patient lying on his back, with his thighs bent upon his body and his head elevated. A strangulated hernia cannot be returned until the inflammation and swelling are subdued. This can be speedily accomplished by a full course of medicine, or lobelia taken in small potions until the system is sufficiently relaxed, when it may be gently returned.

Dr. Logan, of Pennsylvania, recommends the application of a strong decoction of white oak bark to effect a permanent cure for hernia.