The attention of the public has of late been called to this subject, and a considerable amount of information, in the form of books and lectures, has been disseminated. And certainly that must be a very fastidious taste and a narrow mind which would object to giving to the people, in a judicious style, such a practical knowledge of themselves as is essential to the healthy reproduction of the species. Who should not know enough of the natural origin of human life to perceive his own obligations respecting it, and to be able to see in what way he is liable to be a curse, or in what way a blessing, to posterity?

All information, however, given on this subject for mere mercenary purposes, or to pamper an idle and vicious curiosity, should be most sternly repudiated. Nor is it best, even for laudable intentions, to go further into detail on these delicate matters, than is really necessary for the practical purposes of life. But so far as these do require information to be given, all whimpering delicacy and superfluous niceness should be looked out of countenance by the firm and steadfast eye of common sense. Let every individual so study himself and know himself, as to be able in this matter to discharge his re sponsibilities to humanity and to God.