1. Return to Nature, or the establishment of normal habits and surroundings, which necessitates:

  1. Extension of consciousness by popular general and individual education.
  2. The constant exercise of reason, will and self-control.
  3. A return to natural habits of life in thinking, breathing, eating, dressing, working, resting and in moral, sexual and social conduct.
  4. Correction of mechanical defects and injuries by means of massage, chiropractic or osteopathy, surgery and other mechanical methods of treatment.

2. Economy of Vital Force, which necessitates:

  1. Prevention of waste of vital force by the stoppage of all leaks.
  2. Scientific relaxation, proper rest and sleep.
  3. Proper food selection, magnetic treatment, etc.
  4. The right mental attitude.

3. Elimination, which necessitates:

  1. Scientific selection and combination of food and drink.
  2. Judicious fasting.
  3. Hydrotherapy (water cure).
  4. Light and air baths, friction.
  5. Chiropratic or osteopathy, massage, and other manipulative treatment.
  6. Correct breathing, curative gymnastics.
  7. Such medicinal remedies as will build up the blood on a normal basis and supply the system with the all-important mineral salts in organic form.

In the following chapters I shall endeavor to show that all the different forms, phases and phenomena of disease arising within the human organism, provided they are not caused by accident or external conditions unfavorable to the existence of human life, can be attributed to one or more of three primary causes (as outlined in Tables I and II). When we succeed in proving that all disease originates from a few simple causes, it will not seem so strange and improbable that all disease can be cured by a few simple, natural methods of living and of treatment. If Nature Cure can accomplish this, it establishes its right to be classed with the exact sciences.