We have treated many hundreds of cases of so-called chronic neuralgia, neuritis, rheumatism, neurasthenia, epilepsy and idiocy, due to the pernicious effects of quinine, iodine, arsenic, strychnine, coal-tar products and other virulent poisons taken under the guise of medicine.

How do we know that this is so?

  1. Because the Diagnosis from the Eye plainly reveals the presence of these poisons in the system.
  2. Because the drug signs in the eye are accompanied by the symptoms of these poisons in the system.
  3. Because the record in the eye is confirmed by the history of the patient.
  4. Because, under natural living and treatment, diseases long ago suppressed by drugs or knife reappear as healing crises.
  5. Because, in these healing crises, drugs indicated by the signs in the iris of the eye are frequently eliminated under their own peculiar symptoms.
  6. Because, to the extent that a drug is eliminated from the system by a healing crisis, its sign will disappear from the iris of the eye.

To illustrate:

  1. The Diagnosis from the Eye reveals heavy quinine poisoning in the region of the brain.
  2. This enables us to say to the patient, without questioning him, that he suffers from severe frontal headaches and ringing in the ears, that he is very irritahle, and so on through the various symptoms of quinine poisoning.
  3. The history of the patient reveals the fact that he has taken large amounts of quinine for colds, la grippe or malaria.
  4. Under our methods of natural living and treatment, the patient improves; the organism becomes more vigorous, and the organs of elimination act more freely; the latent poisons are stirred up in their hiding places; healing crises make their appearance. The processes of elimination thus inaugurated develop various symptoms of acute poisoning. The eliminating crises are accompanied by headaches, ringing in the ears, nasal catarrh, bone pains, neuritis, strong taste of quinine in the mouth, etc.
  5. Every healing crisis, if naturally treated, diminishes the signs of disease and drug poisons in the eye.