(9) Stride-stand position (feet about one-half yard apart). Raise the arms sideways until even with the shoulders, then, without bending the back, rotate the trunk upon the hips, first to the right, then to the left.

As a variation of this exercise, rotate from the waist only, keeping the hips motionless.

An excellent massage for the internal organs:

(10) See-saw motion:

Stride-stand position, arms raised sideways. Bend to the right until the hand touches the floor, left arm raised high. Resume original position. Repeat several times, then bend to the left side, then alternate.

(11) Chopping exercise:

Stride-stand position. Clasp the hands above the left shoulder. Swing the arms downward and between the legs, bending well forward. Return to position and repeat a number of times, then repeat with hands on right shoulder, then alternate.

(12) Cradle rock:

Clasp hands over head, elbows straight. Bend the trunk to the right and left side alternately and without pausing a number of times.

(13) Stand erect, feet together. Jump to the stride-stand position, at the same time raising arms sideways to shoulders, jump back to original position and lower arms. Repeat from ten to twenty times.

(14) Lie flat on back, arms at side, legs straight. Raise both legs till they are at right angles with body. From this position sway legs to the right and left side alternately.

(15) Lie flat on back, arms extended over head. Swing arms and legs upward simultaneously, touching the toes with the hands in midair, balancing the body on the hip bones and lower part of spine. Return to original position and repeat.

This is a difficult and strenuous exercise, and should not be attempted at first:

(16) Lie flat on stomach, hands under shoulders, palms down-ward, fingers turned inward, about six inches apart. This will give free play to the muscles of the chest. Raise the upper half of the body on the hands and arms as high as possible, keeping the body straight. Return to position and repeat until slightly fatigued.

(17) Same position as before. Raise the entire body on hands and toes, keeping arms and legs straight. Return to relaxed position and repeat the exercise.

As a variation, sway forward and backward while in the raised position.

(18) Lie flat on stomach, arms extended in front. Fling the arms upward and raise the upper part of the body as high as possible, keeping the legs straight. Return to position and repeat, but avoid excessive strain.

(19) Same position as before, but hands on hips or clasped in back. Raise upper part of body without assistance from hands or arms.

(20) Rocking chair motion:

Sit on a mat or bed, legs straight, arms at side. Recline so that the upper part of the body almost touches the mat, at the same time swinging the legs upward. Return to original position and repeat without any pause between the movements, rocking back and forth until slightly tired.

As you get stronger, clasp the hands behind the head. As a variation, rock with the knees bent, hands clasped below them.