The teeth should be inspected--the entire mouth, lips. tongue, and throat. Many stomach derangements are cured by keeping the mouth and teeth clean. Pyorrhea begins with neglect of cleanliness, and starch and sugar poisoning. Scurvy and mercury are leading causes.

"In diabetes the second lower molars are affected, and their alteration serves as guide to diagnosis."

Premature loss of teeth indicates failing nutrition from wrong eating (too much starch and sugar, and not enough raw fruit and vegetables).

The tongue is somewhat of an index, but altogether too much is made of it, as likewise of the temperature of the body, by most physicians.

A broad, pallid, thick tongue indicates too much starch eating. A long, pointed tongue denotes irritation of nerve centers. A small tongue indicates insufficient nourishment. A red tongue, with enlarged papillae ("strawberry tongue"), means great irritation of the stomach. This is the scarlet fever tongue.

Ulcerations on the tongue often mean injuries from teeth. Continual tongue irritation and ulceration should be investigated by a dentist; if not corrected, nocturnal epilepsy should be suspected.

The throat, when abnormally red, indicates irritation of the stomach, tobacco or alcohol poisoning. The throat is an index of the stomach. Treatment of the throat is very far-fetched. The throat will not go wrong unless the stomach or bowels go wrong--no, not even the tonsils. Tonsillitis is symptomatic of wrong eating--wrong combinations.

Many derangements start with an angina; but I insist that all diseases--yes, the eruptive and so-called contagious diseases--get their infective agent in gastro-intestinal putrefaction, and that without this cause they can have no existence. Hence, to cure any and all of these diseases, correct the generation of toxins. To do so is not only curative, but preventive. All so-called contagious diseases are autogenerated. This truth may require years to become popular--be accepted by the profession--but it will come.

Stomach derangements are brought on by abuse at the table. Heartburn means overeating, or too much starch or sugar eating, or all three causes.

A fullness after eating means overeating, or wrong combinations, or too rapid eating, or too much fluid with meals.