Heart weakness may be brought on from many causes: fear, overworked emotions, anything that uses up nerve energy and produces its consequent autotoxemia; habitual overeating, and its consequent toxemia; intoxications from tobacco, coffee, tea, alcoholics; enervation from excessive venery. 'The result of heart weakness may be stasis in the brain, liver, kidneys, or pancreas.

Drugs or palliatives of any kind that stimulate the heart muscles relieve the headache, torpid liver, albumin or sugar in the urine; and the edemas (dropsical symptoms) disappear. The arterial tension is temporarily restored, and the patient is well, so far as his feelings are concerned. But the cure is palliative, and will soon prove but a short respite. There is but one cure, and that is to remove the cause. If this is done before organized changes have taken place, the cure will be permanent; if too late for a cure, then comfort and increased length of life may be expected. Those who have headaches often relieve themselves with coffee, or take a drug prescribed by a physician, and they call their reliefs cures; but, alas! the "cure" builds more heart disease, and hurries the end.