Tissue science--the study of the structure of tissue.


The elements of a part of organ; for example, skin tissue, muscle tissue, glandular tissue, etc.

The keloid is described as an exuberant fibrous production, caused by the hyperplasia brought about by inflammation. Such growths are more inclined to develop in those who eat heartily and of gross or greasy foods, and who do not exercise enough to stimulate the required elimination.

Histology tells us that simple or benign tumors are made up of tissues having normal arrangement as to structure, or which are sufficiently normal to resemble somewhat the tissues from which they are developed.

Adenoma (a tumor of a gland) is found to have glandular structure. The cells proliferate (bear offspring--generate) and fill the alveoli (the cells of a gland; these cells may be likened to a bunch of grapes). They remain inclosed by the limiting membrane of the gland in which they develop, and show no tendency to invade surrounding tissue. This means that, no matter how large the tumor gets, it is always encompassed within the gland-covering.

Definition of Tumors

(*To my lay readers: Do not fail to read this subject, even if it contains a few technical terms.)

Tumors are divided into benign (innocent) and malignant (dangerous to life).

Benign tumors may be considered as hyperplasias of any of the organs of the body. Hyperplasia means the overmolding of organs--hypertrophy--overnourishment; or, to speak in every-day parlance, an enlarged organ. A type of benign tumor, or hyperplastic development, is seen in what is called a keloid tumor. This tumor develops in scar tissue.

Malignant Tumors

Malignant Tumors have a different arrangement of structure; indeed, they are chaos itself--King Disorder reigns supreme. The cells, which vary in form and size, are inclosed in membranes--alveoli (the skin of the grapes--the covering of each gland-cell) of independent growth. These growths break through the retaining membranes (skin of the grapes) and invade any and all environmental (surrounding) tissue. As "war is hell" turned loose in social fife, or in civilized life, so is the histological insanity known as cancer. Indeed, cancer has not even the order or system of so-called civilized warfare. It is more on the order of guerrilla warfare, or a war of extermination.

Embryological Tumors

A class of tumors due to defective development. They may be divided into those that start before birth and those that develop after birth.