Time of recurrence: If regular in time-say, every day or every other day-the cause may be malaria. Pains that are worse of a morning and wear off during the day are nervous headaches and joint inflammations. Pains accompanied with fever and infections usually grow worse toward evening. Fever always runs higher in the evening.

The position of the body: If the legs are drawn up against the abdomen, the pain may be in the bladder, the uterus, the bowels, the gall bladder, or may be due to pyloric disease, ulceration, or cancer of the stomach.

Inflammations of the organs in the abdomen and pelvis are made worse by standing or walking. Lying down relieves.

When the bowels are distended with gas, or there is an accumulation of fat in the abdomen, such derangements as misplacements of the womb, piles, pelvic tumors, and cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) are all made worse by being on the feet.

The pains peculiar to chronic joint diseases and muscular rheumatism are made worse by staying in bed.

Pain produced by taking food indicates gastralgia, gastritis, ulcer, cancer, obstruction of the pyloris, gallstones, etc.

Enteritis, obstruction, and appendicitis are made much worse by eating. A few sips of milk will start peristalsis, and when obstruction or appendicitis exists, the patient will be thrown into great distress. Pain that is not made worse by eating is not caused by obstruction.

Pain that is frequently mistaken for appendicitis is caused by colitis, constipation, proctitis, ovaritis, neuralgia of the spermatic cord, strictures of the urethra, and gallstone or gall bladder disease.

Relief from drinking or taking food indicates gastric irritation caused by taking fluids too hot, eating too rapidly, overeating, the use of coffee, tea, tobacco, alcoholics, eating between meals, or gum chewing.

Damp weather, by chilling the surface of the body, causes those who are rheumatic to have pain and stiffness of different parts of the body.

Those who foretell storms and changes in the weather are human barometers, made so by a state of acidosis of the body. They have been using a preponderance of foods belonging to the acid producing class, and cooked foods which have had their enzymes killed by heat. Those who suffer headaches--even migraine sufferers--are made worse by meteorologic changes.

Headaches that occur on bright, sunny days, or when the earth is covered by snow, or on train or water trips, are probably due to eye strain.

Sea- and train-sickness is caused from abuse to the stomach by overeating, eye strain, or reflex irritation. Gas in the bowels, pressing on the ovaries, will cause sick stomach. Any neurosis is liable to be aggravated by train or sea voyages. Anything that enervates such subjects will cause them to be bad travelers.

Vomiting that relieves does not indicate that the stomach is diseased, any more than a cough that relieves indicates that the lungs are diseased.

The effort at vomiting shocks and produces reaction, which relieves pain in any part of the body. Pain produced by gas pressure, gallstone, or pain in the kidneys, womb, ovaries, spermatic cord, and testes, is relieved by vomiting. Heat and cold relieve pain. The patient must decide. Heat is more logical.

The sick habit has become a reality in these piping times of great medical discoveries. The habit of thinking sickness, talking sickness, acting sickness, and being coddled and operated upon, has developed an army of people who have become expert in complaining.

The sick habit and the drug habit are products of the medical profession. One of the principal causes is that the doctor must live, and it is to his bread-and-butter interest that every patient applying to him be very sick, or in imminent danger of dying unless operated upon at once.

The average professional calamity howl set up when a patient calls on "the best physician" in the community is quite enough to terrify, shock, and draw the patient's attention to himself and set up a morbid introspection. Once started, the introspection habit builds mountains out of mole hills; and surgical science has developed to such a state of perfection that it can extirpate every symptom of disease, except the disease itself, which is a large sick habit.