Myrrh, 90 grains.

Aloes, 90 grains.

Cloves, 180 grains.

Nutmegs, 180 grains.

Saffron, 480 grains.

Cinnamon, 360 grains.

Alcohol, 12 pints.

Reduce the drugs to a coarse powder, mix this with the alcohol, and distill nine pints. Reserve this.

Maidenhair, 4 troyounces.

Licorice root, 1/2 troyounce.

Figs, 3 troyounces.

Infuse these in eight pints of boiling water, strain with expression, and dissolve in the liquid twelve avoirdupois pounds of sugar.

Equal parts, by weight, of this syrup and of the distilled spirit produce " elixir de garus," according to the Supplement to the London Pharmacopoeia, 1821.

This cumbersome and unscientific mixture, a relic of ancient polypharmacy, is happily nearly obsolete.