(1) Any fixed alkaline salt, 8 troyounces.

Socotrine aloes, 1 troyounce.

Saffron, 1 troyounce.

Myrrh, 1 troyounce.

Sal-ammoniac, 6 drachms (2) Mountain wine, 2 pints.

Macerate without heat for a week or longer, then filter through paper. (London Pharmacopoeia, 1770.) (1) Fixed Alkaline Salt. This was impure potassium carbonate. To give the definition of the New Dispensatory, 1770: "The ashes of most vegetables, steeped or boiled,in water, give out to it a saline substance, separable in a solid form by evaporating the water. This kind of salt never preexists in the vegetables, but is always generated during the burning. It is called fixt alkaline salt."

2.Mountain wine of that day was Vinum album, Lond. Pharm., or Vinum album Hispanicum, Edinb. Pharm.