Hypophosphite of calcium, 188 grains

Hypophosphite of sodium, 128 grains

Hypophosphite of potassium, 64 grains

Sulphate of iron, in crystals, 96 grains

Citric acid, 30 grains

Water, 4 fluidounces.

Syrup, 4 fluidounces.

Aromatic elixir, enough to make 16 fluidounces.

Dissolve the hypophosphites in three fluidounces of water and add the syrup. Dissolve the sulphate of iron in the remainder of the water, then mix the solutions. To this add six fluidounces of aromatic elixir and allow the mixture to stand in a cool place for twelve hours, then filter it. Finally, dissolve the citric acid in the filtrate and pass enough aromatic elixir through the filter to make sixteen fluidounces. Each fluidrachm contains about one-half grain of ferrous hypophosphite, about one grain each of the hypophosphites of calcium and sodium, and one-half grain of hypophosphite of potassium. This formula is similar to that of the National Formulary and identical in strength.