Lactate of iron, 96 grains.

Citrate of iron, 96 grains.

Water, 7 fluidounces.

Alcohol, 5 fluidounces.

Simple syrup, 9 fluidounces.

Essence of lemon, 96 minims

Essence of cloves, 1 minim

Mix the distilled water and syrup, and dissolve in it the lactate of iron, then add and dissolve the citrate of iron; cool, and mix with this solution the simple syrup and the alcohol, having previously mixed the alcohol and essences together. Lastly, color the product with caramel until it is about the color of brandy, and then filter it. Lactate of iron is often only partially soluble in water, but the syrup aids its solution. If it refuses to entirely dissolve, there will be a deficiency of this substance.

The foregoing elixir acquired, we are told, considerable reputation in France, where it was devised by "Robineaud of Bordeaux," and who finally published the formula. (See Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1871, p. 321.)