Hypophosphite of calcium, 128 grains.

Citrate of potassium, 96 grains

Solution of chloride of iron (ferric chloride), simple elixir, distilled water, of each a sufficient quantity.

Dissolve the hypophosphite of calcium in four fluidounces of distilled water, and carefully add solution of chloride of iron until in very slight excess. Collect the precipitate and wash it until nearly free from chloride of calcium.

Dissolve the magma produced by the foregoing operation in eight fluidounces of simple elixir, by the aid of the citrate of potassium, and then add enough simple elixir to bring the whole to the measure of sixteen fluidounces.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir contains three-fourths of a grain of ferric hypophosphite. This improved method for making solution of hypophosphite of iron was introduced by Prof. C. Lewis Diehl in a paper read before the Kentucky Pharmaceutical Association, 1882. The original was not in our possession, and we received the abstract presented in the Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association just in time to insert this one formula.