Quinine (alkaloid), 32 grains.

Elixir of valerianate of ammonium, diluted acetic acid, of each a sufficient quantity.

Triturate the quinine in a mortar with a sufficient amount of the acetic acid to effect its solution, then mix the liquid with enough elixir of valerianate of ammonium to produce sixteen fluidounces. If not of acid reaction, add acetic acid until it will change the color of blue litmus paper to red.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir contains two grains of valerianate of ammonium, and one-fourth grain of quinine as the acetate of that alkaloid.

The National Formulary directs that thirty-two grains of hydrochlorate of quinine be dissolved in sixteen fluidounces of elixir of valerianate of ammonium. Thus each fluidrachm contains one-fourth grain of hydrochlorate of quinine. In former editions of our work we directed that one hundred and twenty-eight grains of quinine be used in making sixteen fluidounces in this elixir, but in the present edition, recognizing the authority of the National Formulary, have adopted the foregoing strength.