Pyrophosphate of iron, 256 grains.

Distilled water, 2 fluidounces.

Simple elixir, a sufficient quantity.

Dissolve the pyrophosphate of iron in the distilled water by the aid of a heat not exceeding 180 F., and add to the solution enough simple elixir to bring the whole to the measure of sixteen fluidounces, and filter if necessary. If it has an acid reaction, neutralize, or even render it slightly alkaline, by means of ammonia water.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir contains two grains of pyrophosphate of iron. This process is essentially that adopted by the American Pharmaceutical Association (1875). The formula for elixir of pyrophosphate of iron, adopted by the joint committee of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Associations of the District of Columbia (1867), contained three hundred and twenty grains of pyrophosphate of iron in twelve fluidounces of the finished elixir.