Quinine (alkaloid), 128 grains.

Pyrophosphate of iron, 256 grains

Simple elixir, distilled water, diluted acetic acid, of each a sufficient quantity.

Triturate the quinine in a mortar, gradually adding the acetic acid until in sufficient amount to effect its solution. Dissolve the pyrophosphate of iron in two fluidounces of warm water, and add enough simple elixir to make ten fluidounces. To this add the solution of acetate of quinine, and then simple elixir until in amount sufficient to make the whole measure sixteen fluidounces.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of this preparation contains two grains of pyrophosphate of iron and the salt formed from one grain of quinine. The Newark Pharmaceutical Association (1871) adopted a formula which resembled the above, but which contained only one hundred and sixty grains of pyrophosphate of iron to the pint. As two hundred and fifty-six grains is the accepted amount of the American Pharmaceutical Association, we employ that proportion.