Scammony, 120 grains.

Turpeth root, 60 grains.

Jalap, 480 grains.

Diluted alcohol, 16 fluidounces.

Macerate the drugs (coarsely powdered) in the alcohol for twelve hours and in a warm location, and filter. Mix the filtrate with a syrup made as follows:

Senna, bruised, 480 grains.

Boiling water, 4 fluidounces.

Sugar, 3 1/2 troyounces.

Infuse the senna in the boiling water, strain, and dissolve the sugar in the liquid. This formula was published in the Druggists' Circular, 1875.

The above elixir must not be confounded with "Leroy's vomito purgative elixir."