Aloes, 1 troyounce.

Cinnamon, 10 troyounces.

Calamus, 2 1/2 troyounces.

Angelica root, 5 troyounces.

Saffron, 6 troyounces.

Caramel, 10 troyounces.

Glycerin, 215 troyounces.

Alcohol, 180 fluidounces.

Water, 350 fluidounces.

Mix and reduce the drugs to a coarse powder, and macerate this in the mixed alcohol and water for fourteen days, stirring the mixture thoroughly each day, then filter, and to the filtrate add the glycerin and caramel. (HAGERNew Remedies, 1878.) *The German Pharmacopoeia, 1872, substituted compound tincture of aloes for this elixir.