Fluid extract of May-apple, 1 1/2 fluidounces.

Fluid extract of senna, 1 fluidounce.

Oil of anise, 10 minims.

Simple elixir, 14 fluidounces.

Alcohol, 1/2 fluidounce.

Carbonate of magnesium, a sufficient quantity.

Mix the fluid extracts and triturate this in a capacious mortar with carbonate of magnesium in amount sufficient to form a creamy mixture--having previously triturated the oil of anise with the magnesium carbonatethen gradually add the simple elixir, stirring well, and filter. Lastly, mix the filtrate with the alcohol.

Each fluidrachm of the finished elixir represents (subject to conditions noted under elixir of May-apple) about five minims of fluid extract of May-apple and three minims of fluid extract of senna. A formula for this preparation was proposed by the Druggists' Circular, 1872, containing in substance the foregoing ingredients. The remarks we make regarding elixir of May-apple apply to this compound also, although we have the advantage of the senna in this instance, which yields its medicinal principles to the menstruum composing the elixir.