*Oil of orange, fresh and pure, 30 minims.

Simple syrup, 8 fluidounces.

Alcohol, 4 fluidounces.

Distilled water, 4 fluidounces.

Carbonate of magnesium, 1/2 troyounce.

*Pure oil of orange must be used in this preparation. Much of the commercial oil produces an elixir which has the odor and taste of turpentine, and sometimes only of turpentine. We will suggest that pure oil of orange can only be obtained by paying the price at which it can be sold, but it does not follow that all of the high-priced oil is pure.

Triturate the oil of orange in a capacious mortar with the carbonate of magnesium, then gradually add the simple syrup, stirring well, having previously mixed it with the water and one-half the alcohol, and filter it. Lastly, mix the filtrate with the remainder of the alcohol. This has an excellent flavor, and can be used instead of simple elixir, if preferred. Our simple elixir contains more oil than the foregoing, but it is more troublesome to make.