Rhubarb, 20 troyounces.

Cloves, 8 troyounces.

Saffron, 8 troyounces.

Nutmeg, 20 troyounces.

Ether, 10 fluidounces.

Sherry wine, 200 fluidounces.

Diluted alcohol, 20 fluidounces.

Mix the drugs and reduce them to a coarse powder, and macerate this in the mixed alcohol and wine for fourteen days, stirring the mixture thoroughly each day; then filter, and add the ether.

This elixir is recommended as a vehicle for disguising the taste of castor oil, and was introduced by Mr. Bidone Carlo, who states that one part of this elixir will remove the taste and odor from three parts of castor oil. It was named "elixir of rhubarb," but to avoid confusion with the regular and simple elixir of rhubarb we have added the word compound. (See New Remedies, 1880.)