Fluid extract of rhubarb, 4 fluidounces.

Sulphate of magnesium, 1024 grains.

Simple elixir, 32 fluidounces.

Carbonate of magnesium, a sufficient quantity.

Triturate the fluid extract of rhubarb with carbonate of magnesium until of a creamy consistence, then gradually add the simple elixir, in which the sulphate of magnesium has been previously dissolved; permit the mixture to remain for a few hours in a closed vessel, then filter.

Each fluidrachm contains seven and one half minims of fluid extract of rhubarb and eight grains of sulphate of magnesium.

Under the name elixir of rhubarb and magnesia this elixir was noticed in New Remedies, 1877. Among the formulae introduced by Mr. G. W. Gardner to the American Pharmaceutical Association at its meeting in Saratoga was an "elixir of rhubarb and magnesium acetate."