Oil of sweet orange, 1 fluidrachm.

Oil of lemon, 1/2 fluidrachm.

Distilled water, 41 fluidounces.

Alcohol, 13 fluidounces.

Sugar, 32 troyounces.

Carbonate of magnesium, one two-ounce block.

Dissolve the sugar, without heat, in the distilled water, and then mix with this solution nine fluidounces of alcohol. Dissolve the oils in three fluidounces of alcohol, and slowly add the liquid, stirring constantly, to the solution of sugar. Then crush the block of carbonate of magnesium between the hands, permitting the powder to gradually scatter itself over the surface of the liquid and settle to the bottom of the vessel. After standing half an hour, stir it well and transfer the mixture to a well-closed vessel, and permit it to remain for six or eight hours, stirring it occasionally, and then filter it through a double filter paper, returning the first portion and until it passes clear, and then filter it. Lastly, add the remaining fluidounce of alcohol.

In reviewing the above formula it may seem to the reader that we are unreasonably precise regarding certain details. If necessary, the operator may hurry the operation, but it will be found advantageous in the long run to follow our directions. The suggestion to crush the magnesium carbonate between the hands, instead of grating it through a sieve or powdering it in a mortar, is made because we find that process advantageous. Permitting it to fall over the surface of the liquid facilitates the absorption of undissolved oils which may be present, especially if the oils of orange and lemon are sophisticated.

Simple elixir, as made according to the above formula, is very nicely flavored and acceptable. If the operator desires, he can substitute the simple elixir of the Pharmacopoeia or our elixir of orange.