Fluid extract of sumbul, 1 fluidounce.

Elixir of valerianate of ammonium, 9 fluidounces.

Simple elixir, 4 fluidounces.

Alcohol, 2 fluidounces.

Carbonate of magnesium, a sufficient quantity.

Triturate the fluid extract of sumbul in a Wedgewood or porcelain mortar with enough magnesium carbonate to bring it to a creamy consistence, then gradually add the elixir of valerianate of ammonium and simple elixir, and filter; mix the alcohol with the filtrate. (New Remedies, 1880.)

If this elixir is prepared as directed in the works where the writer has observed it, by simply mixing the liquid ingredients, an unsightly mixture results, providing the fluidextract of sumbul was made with alcohol and was not an aqueous infusion. Hence the directions we have given are for the purpose of producing a presentable liquid.

Each fluidrachm represents about four minims of fluid extract of sumbul and thirty-six minims of elixir of valerianate of ammonium.