Ammonio-citrate of bismuth, 256 grains.

Simple elixir, ammonia water, of each a sufficient quantity.

Dissolve the ammonio-citrate of bismuth in twelve fluid-ounces of simple elixir, adding cautiously enough ammonia water to render the solution slightly alkaline, then bring to the measure of sixteen fluidounces by the addition of a sufficient quantity of simple elixir.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir represents two grains of ammonio citrate of bismuth, and is the same in strength as that adopted by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1875. During warm weather the ammonia escapes to a greater or less extent from solutions of ammonio-citrate of bismuth; hence the addition of the ammonia water in order to insure a perfect solution. Should this elixir become cloudy from escape of ammonia, the addition of a little ammonia water will restore its transparency. It is incompatible with acids and salts of the mineral acids. The first formula brought to our attention, for an elixir of bismuth, was by Mr. Wm. C. Bakes in the American Journal of Pharmacy, 1867.