Lactophosphate of calcium, 128 grains.

Simple elixir, 16 fluidounces.

Lactic acid, syrupy, 1 fluidrachm.

Mix the simple elixir with the lactic acid, and dissolve therein the lactophosphate of calcium, and filter. Each fluidrachm of the finished elixir contains one grain of lactophosphate of calcium. This elixir corresponds in strength to that of previous editions of our work, and also to that of the National Formulary. In our opinion, the process commended herein is preferable to the others, and the product is practically identical. The substance sold in commerce by chemical manufacturers under the name lacto-phosphate of calcium, although not a definite salt, is probably as effective therapeutically as the pharmaceutical preparation made by dissolving either phosphate of calcium in lactic acid, or lactate of calcium in phosphoric acid.